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Business Services, Coaching & Course Creation

Building a Team?

Speaking at O'Reilly Open Source Software Conference

Services Offered

I help small to midsize businesses create scalable systems, process, and teams to streamline operations, management, and support

Offering 1-on-1 coaching sessions for individuals looking to grow in their careers and become more effective leaders

Make an impact with training materials for your team, company, community, or customer

Meet CJ

I've spent nearly 20 years building international Management, Support, Services, Operations, Product, Communications, and Documentation teams at Silicon Valley startups and unicorns.

Together we can define your big picture and a plan to get there.

Presenting at GitHub Universe

Resources for Businesses

How we'll work together and grab your free copy of the Tenets of Great Support

Resources for Individuals

Coaching, courses, and grab your free guide: the Core Four Reasons Behind Overwork